I am more than happy to receive books from publishers and (unpublished) independent authors. I will endeavour to review as many of the books received as possible, however this is not guaranteed. All books received will be acknowledged and where declined a reason provided (usually time-related!)

I am not a professional reviewer and all opinions are my own. I review on this blog and also submit reviews to NetGalley. I do not request or receive payment for any review I submit and I never sell a book received for reviewing (although I can’t guarantee that I won’t lend it to someone I feel would enjoy it!)

I have a varied interest in both fiction and non-fiction and am also willing to try new things. I do not publish negative reviews but offer a genuine and objective view.

I will read paperbacks, ebooks in Kindle or Mobi format, pdf (if you have a different format please still contact me as a conversion may be applied).

I am more than happy for authors and/or publishers to use a quote from any of my reviews, however I ask that consent is requested first (so I know what you’re using and where and I can blow my own trumpet!) and that Novel Novelist is mentioned (and linked to this website and my social media where possible).

Please email for any queries or comments.

Novel Novelist.


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