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Your personal guide to a greater reality. More now than ever, a mindset that energetically aids the self-development to remarkably improve and sustain a life you’ve always dreamed of is essential.


More now than ever, a mindset that energetically aids the self-development to remarkably improve and sustain a life you’ve always dreamed of is essential. Moving beyond simple positive thinking, the need to address beliefs that limit your life’s expression is fundamental.

The greatest version of your life awaits and the closing of this gap between where you presently are and want to be is our aim.

The true purpose of your life is a creative adventure you are striving towards. With bold intent your ideal can be your present experience to financial wealth, health, love and anything you have imagined. You can then be the purposeful creator of your life and bring creativity into all avenues of your life.


Human beings have been striving to better understand the nature of being – both our inner, personal world and its place within an external, physical reality – for millennia. It is with thanks to disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, medicine, and neuroscience that concepts such as self, ego, and the conscious/unconscious dynamic are now a part of mainstream understanding. We talk of such concepts in our everyday lives and use them to further understanding of our selves and others.

In The Nature of your Personal Environment, author Steve Griffiths takes a novel approach to ideas of the ego and the self and their role in both our internal and external worlds, and the result is an inspiring and insightful guide to accessing the absolute creative freedom that resides in all of us. The Nature of your Personal Environment is a must-read for anyone who has ever questioned if they have the power to transform their lives for the better. Because you do; we all do.

In his book, Griffiths posits the ego – the loving ego, to use his term, because it is something to be used for good, harnessed rather than annihilated – as our internal point of contact for all things to do with our external lives and physical objective reality. This ego is a small – albeit powerful – part of a much larger system of Self. The ego is a dynamic structure, composed of our beliefs about our personality, abilities, talents, and so on. When we have thoughts about ourselves, we are constructing a self-image, and quite often this can be a negative self-image, one full of thoughts such as ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I don’t have the ability’. These beliefs are developed and built up over time from childhood, but as Griffiths reassures us, that is all that they are. Beliefs. Not facts. Not fixed, unchanging truths but self beliefs that can be looked at, studied, and where required, disposed of and replaced. It is in his book that Griffiths gives us the tools with which we can turn away from external reality and instead venture inwards, towards our ‘hidden reality’, that which is unseen, in the shadows, but ready to burst forth with all the potential of complete creative freedom and the ideal life we have always dreamed of.

A particularly inspiring part of this book is it’s focus on the idea that our inner lives shape our outer lives. That notions of luck and fate simply don’t exist. Everything out there is a product of what is in here. Whilst this may seem a complex and difficult idea, Griffiths outlines it with clarity and simplicity, enabling the reader to better apply the idea to their own lives. Griffiths’ approach is one of gentle compassion, to help you let go of the false beliefs that make up the ego, and instead to replace them with positive beliefs that translate into action in our real, every day, and external lives. By focusing our thoughts inwards, we access an entire side of life that has been previously ignored, with all its creative, empowering potential and infinite possibility. Only then will things in our external lives improve significantly.

A key take away from The Nature of your Personal Environment is the fact that life is not limited to our known external reality, to what is only ‘out there’, but that we all have a whole internal reality that remains untouched, often to the detriment of living our ideal lives. Griffiths is absolute in this belief, and his positive outlook and faith in the worthiness of all things is palpable: when you purposefully and intentionally connect with your inner reality, then you create entirely new pathways for yourself, entirely independent of the experiences we go through in the outside world.

Steve Griffiths is testament to his own work – his positivity, worthiness, and compassion emanates from each page, inspiring confidence and self-belief of the reader’s own. His work is accessible, and he writes with clarity, explaining complex ideas in beautifully simple and humane ways. The Nature of your Personal Environment is an inspiring and compassionate guide to self-development that couldn’t have come at a better time. I highly recommend.

You can pick up a copy from Amazon to guide you on your own journey to fulfilling your potential and changing your reality for good.

About the Author

Steve Griffiths grew up in a small town outside of Central London with his mum, dad and twin brother and specialised in a varied of interests in finance / business, science / maths including the creative side; art, music and sports. Applying this to his finance career, he is now a founder and entrepreneur working in the dynamic world of financial technology within the aim of fully expressing his creative ideas in line with universal ideals.

Instagram: @s.x.griff

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